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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


For the birth announcements above, I printed the inside message on my home computer in Chocolate Chip brown, to match the colors. How, you might ask?! Well, it's the coolest thing. Some genius ladies on SCS have collaborated and put together the following custom computer RGB (red, green, blue) codes for each of SU!'s exclusive colors. Try it out sometime!

2007-2008 IN-COLORS
Blue Bayou R-83 G-134 B-142
Soft Sky R-182 G-229 B-223
Wild Wasabi R-133 G-179 B-113
River Rock R-210 G-198 B-141
Groovy Guava R-244 G-159 B-140
Purely Pomegranate R-176 G-74 B-107

Almost Amethyst: R-189 G-189 B-255 OR H-170 S-255 L-222
Apricot Appeal: R-255 G-184 B-73 OR H-26 S-255 L-164
Barely Banana: R-248 G-250 B-156 OR H-44 S-230 L-203
Bashful Blue: R-215 G-235 B-255 OR H-149 S-255 L-235
Blush Blossom: R-255 G-226 B-204 OR H-18 S-255 L-230
Certainly Celery: R-125 G-153 B-63 OR H-56 S-106 L-108
Lavender Lace: R-215 G-215 B-255 OR H-170 S-255 L-235
Mellow Moss: R-111 G-136 B-60 OR H-57 S-100 L-98
Pale Plum: R-215 G-173 B-211 OR H-217 S-88 L-194
Perfect Plum: R-125 G-61 B-119 OR H-217 S-88 L-93
Pretty In Pink: R-250 G-181 B-201 OR H-243 S-223 L-216
Sage Shadow: R-147 G-187 B-115 OR H-66 S-88 L-151

Brilliant Blue: R-46 G-46 B-182 OR H-170 S-152 L-114
Gable Green: R-197 G-254 B-154 OR H-67 S-250 L-204
Glorious Green: R-57 G-155 B-66 OR H-89 S-118 L-106
Green Galore: R-159 G-253 B-89 OR H-67 S-249 L-171
Lovely Lilac: R-170 G-54 B-255 OR H-194 S-255 L-155
Only Orange: R-254 G-103 B-0 OR H-17 S-255 L-127
Orchid Opulence: R-182 G-109 B-255 OR H-191 S-255 L-182
Pink Passion: R-255 G-83 B-169 OR H-234 S-255 L-169
Pixie Pink: R- 255 G-118 B-194 OR H-232 S-255 L-187
Real Red: R-212 G-0 B-0 OR H-0 S-255 L-106
Tempting Turquoise: R-113 G-252 B-255 OR H-129 S-255 L-184
YoYo Yellow: R-251 G-229 B-19 OR H-38 S-247 L-135

Cameo Coral: R-255 G-113 B-143 OR H-246 S-232 L-155
Chocolate Chip: R-66 G-28 B-28 OR H-0 S-101 L-47
Close To Cocoa: R-147 G-97 B-69 OR H-15 S-92 L-108
Creamy Caramel: R-214 G-160 B-88 OR H-24 S-154 L-151
Garden Green: R-57 G-125 B-55 OR H-84 S-99 L-90
More Mustard: R-216 G-175 B-0 OR H-34 S-255 L-108
Not Quite Navy: R-0 G-79 B-118 OR H-142 S-255 L-59
Old Olive: R-149 G-146 B-0 OR H-41 S-255 L-75
Really Rust: R-199 G-77 B-9 OR H-15 S-233 L-104
Ruby Red: R-212 G-29 B-30 OR H-0 S-194 L-121
Summer Sun: R-242 G-204 B-16 OR H-35 S-229 L-129
Pumpkin Pie: R-232 G-138 B-0 OR H-25 S-255 L-116

Always Artichoke: R-68 G-79 B-55 OR H-62 S-46 L-67
Ballet Blue: R-97 G-134 B-205 OR H-156 S-132 L-151
Bordering Blue: R-155 G-155 B-168 OR H-170 S-7 L-158
Bravo Burgundy: R-100 G-15 B-35 OR H-245 S-188 L-58
Brocade Blue: R-135 G-176 B-219 OR H-150 S-137 L-177
Elegant Eggplant: R-108 G-0 B-77 OR H-255 S-255 L-54
Handsome Hunter: R-15 G-51 B-23 OR H-94 S-139 L-33
Night of Navy: R-0 G-0 B-75 OR H-170 S-255 L-38
Regal Rose: R-251 G-129 B-175 OR H-239 S-239 L-190
Rose Red: R-255 G-27 B-130 OR H-236 S-255 L-141
So Saffron: R-246 G-210 B-127 OR H-29 S-221 L-187
Taken With Teal: R-0 G-156 B-152 OR H-126 S-255 L-78

Going Gray: R-150 G-150 B-150 OR H-170 S-0 L-150
Sahara Sand: R-149 G-151 B-121 OR H-46 S-32 L-136
Whisper White: R-255 G-255 B-255 OR H-170 S-0 L-255
Very Vanilla: R-249 G-248 B-224 OR H-40 S-172 L-237
Basic Brown: (using Chocolate Chip) R-66 G-28 B-28 OR H-0 S-101 L-47

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